Flipper Game

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Flipper is  our version of the game "Shut the Box". "Shut the Box", a dice game, has been in play since the 14th century and is still a popular game today.


The original game used only the numbers 1-9 and adding the sum of the two dice rolled was the only option to  choose your numbered flipper. Later, a 12 number game, (1-12) with adding and subtracting, came along.


I have added to the mix another digit, 0-12 and another option to multiply. Each game is individually handcrafted from various select woods and includes  instructions and two dice.


Flipper is made from select hardwoods. 13" wide x 8" deep x 2" high. The standard for the playing surface is black leather. However red, black or green felt colours can still be ordered. Our flipper games are made using recycled/reclaimed hardwoods from around the world.

$60.00 each with discounts for quantities over three games. Contact us to purchase and for actual shipping cost.